SacramentoPMG's Proven Process

Step 1

We prepare your property
to be move-in ready

The first step in our proven process is to get your property ready for rent. This includes maintenance and quality control walk throughs. Check out the steps below to learn more about our process.

1. Initial Walk Through

A Leasing Manager will conduct a walk through and prepare a report that identifies any repairs, painting, or cleaning that is needed. They may also note any special features of the home or safety concerns

2. Communicate Findings with Owner

The Leasing Manager will communicate the findings of the property walk through with the owner to ensure that all necessary repairs and cleaning are approved. They may also discuss any potential concerns or issues that may affect the leasing process.

3. Coordinate Work Needed

In addition to communicating with the owner, a Leasing Manager will also coordinate any necessary work with vendors or contractors. This includes getting quotes for repairs, scheduling appointments, and ensuring that all work is completed in a timely manner.

4. Complete Painting, Repairs, and Cleaning

Once all necessary work has been coordinated and approved, the Leasing Manager will oversee the completion of painting, repairs, and cleaning. They may also personally inspect the property to ensure that everything is done to the highest standard.

5. Rent Ready Check

After all work has been completed, the Leasing Manager will conduct a final rent ready check to ensure that everything is in order for the new tenant. This may include checking appliances, electrical outlets, and plumbing fixtures to make sure they are functioning properly.

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Step 2

We market your property and manage tenant showings.

The second step of our proven process is marketing your property. Learn more about our marketing strategies below

1. Property Photos

In today’s digital age, having quality photos and virtual tours of your property is crucial in attracting potential tenants. Our Leasing Manager will arrange for professional photos to be taken and create a virtual tour, showcasing the best features of your property.

2. 3D Tours

In addition to traditional photos and virtual tours, our Leasing Manager also offers 3D tours for your property. This immersive experience allows potential tenants to virtually walk through the property and get a realistic feel for the space.

3. Online Listing

Our Leasing Manager will also handle all aspects of managing online listings for your property. This includes creating and updating listings, responding to inquiries, and scheduling showings.

4. Zillow Paid Syndication

In addition to managing online listings, our Leasing Manager will also utilize Zillow’s paid syndication feature. This allows your property to be featured on top rental websites such as Zillow, Trulia, and HotPads.

5. Lease Management

Once suitable tenants have been found and approved, our Leasing Manager will handle all aspects of lease management. This includes drafting and reviewing the lease agreement, collecting security deposits and first month’s rent, and conducting move-in inspections.

6. Showings

Our Leasing Manager will also schedule and conduct showings and open houses for your property. This allows potential tenants to see the property in person and ask any questions they may have.

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Step 3

Tenant screening and moving in qualified tenants

The third step of our proven process is to find the most qualified tenant for your property. Learn more about how we screen and select tenants below

1. Application Screening

Before approving a tenant, our Leasing Manager will conduct a thorough screening process. This includes reviewing credit reports, verifying employment and income, and contacting previous landlords for rental history.

2. Tenant Selection

Based on the completed applications and screenings, our Leasing Manager will then select the most qualified tenant for your property. They will present their findings to you and make a recommendation for approval.

3. Lease Signing

Lease Signing is the final step in our tenant selection process. Our Leasing Manager will go over all necessary documents with the approved tenant and collect any remaining fees or deposits.

4. Tenant Onboarding

Once the lease is signed and all fees and deposits have been collected, our Leasing Manager will onboard the new tenant. This includes providing them with important information such as contact numbers for maintenance requests, move-in instructions, and any community rules or regulations.

5. Move-in Condition Checklist and Photos

As part of our onboarding process, our Leasing Manager will also conduct a move-in condition checklist and take photos of the property. This ensures that both parties have a record of the condition of the property at the time of move-in.

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Step 4

Making the collection and disbursement of funds easy

The fourth step of our proven process is to collect rent and disperse it to the property owner. Learn about your step-by-step process below

1. Online Rent and Deposit Payments

We understand the convenience of online payments for both tenants and owners. That’s why our Leasing Manager offers the option for tenants to pay rent and security deposits online.

2. Owner Direct Deposit

Our Leasing Manager also offers the option for owners to receive rent payments through direct deposit. This eliminates the need for physical checks and allows for faster access to funds.

3. Eviction Process

Despite thorough screening and selection processes, there may be instances when a tenant needs to be evicted. Our Leasing Manager is well-versed in the eviction process and will handle all necessary steps.

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Step 5

We make renting easy

Tenant support is a fundamental pillar of our property management process. Learn more about our tenant support options below

1. Tenant Services Coordinator

In addition to managing online listings and the tenant selection process, our Leasing Manager also acts as a Tenant Services Coordinator. This means they are the main point of contact for tenants regarding any maintenance requests or concerns.

2. Tenant Portal

We value transparency and convenience for our tenants. That’s why we provide a tenant portal where they can access important information such as their lease agreement, payment history, and make maintenance requests.

3. Lease Enforcement

Our Leasing Manager is responsible for enforcing the terms of the lease agreement. This includes monitoring rent payments, conducting periodic inspections, and addressing any violations or breaches of the lease.

4. Lease Modification Requests

If a tenant has a request for any modifications to the lease agreement, our Leasing Manager will handle these requests. They will review the requested modification and present it to the owner for approval.

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Step 6

Protecting and maintaining your biggest asset

We take all necessary precautions and best practices to ensure your property remains in good condition throughout the tenancy

1. Maintenance Troubleshooting

Our Leasing Manager also handles all maintenance troubleshooting and coordination. This includes promptly addressing tenant requests, coordinating with vendors, and ensuring timely repairs for the property.

2. Vendor Dispatch

In addition to coordinating with vendors for maintenance requests, our Leasing Manager also handles vendor dispatch and communication.

This means they will coordinate with vendors for any necessary repairs or services, as well as provide updates and communicate any issues or concerns to the owner. Our Leasing Manager serves as a liaison between the owner and vendors to ensure timely and satisfactory resolutions.

3. Owner Approvals

Our Leasing Manager understands the importance of keeping owners informed and involved in the rental process. That’s why they will always seek owner approval for any major decisions or modifications.

4. Repair Invoicing and Photos

As part of our maintenance coordination process, our Leasing Manager will also handle the invoicing and documentation for any repairs or services done on the property. This includes obtaining receipts and invoices from vendors, as well as taking photos to document the before and after of the repair.

5. Emergency Maintenance

In the case of emergency maintenance, our Leasing Manager is available 24/7 to handle urgent repair requests. They will coordinate with vendors and ensure that the issue is addressed promptly to minimize inconvenience for the tenant. Our Leasing Manager understands the importance of addressing emergencies quickly and efficiently to maintain a safe and functional rental property.

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Step 7

Property Performance Tracking: Monthly and annual financial reports

We want to help you make the most of your rental property. That’s why we curate financial property performance documents to help you receive the most from your investment

1. Monthly Owner Statement

Our Leasing Manager also provides monthly owner statements and handles disbursements for the rental property. These statements include a breakdown of income, expenses, and any maintenance costs. Our Leasing Manager will ensure that owners receive their funds in a timely manner through their preferred method of payment.

2. Expense Payments

In addition to providing owners with monthly statements, our Leasing Manager is also responsible for managing expense payments and budgeting for the property. They will ensure that all expenses are paid on time and within budget to maintain the financial health of the rental property. Our Leasing Manager will also work closely with owners to create a budget plan and make informed decisions about expenses.

3. Annual Cash Flow Statement

Our Leasing Manager also provides a detailed annual cash flow statement for owners to track their rental property’s financial performance. This includes income, expenses, and any changes in the property’s value.

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Step 8

Annual walkthroughs

Our goal with annual inspections is to make sure we address property concerns before they become a serious expense. Check out our annual inspection procedures below to learn more about how we safeguard your property

1. Test Smoke/CO Alarms

Safety is always a top priority for our Leasing Manager. They will regularly test and maintain smoke/CO alarms to ensure they are functioning properly. This not only protects the tenant’s well-being but also ensures compliance with local safety regulations. Our Leasing Manager takes proactive measures to keep the rental property safe and up-to-date with all necessary safety precautions.

2. Check for Visible Leaks

Another important aspect of maintaining a safe and functional rental property is regularly checking for visible leaks. Our Leasing Manager will conduct routine inspections to identify any potential leaks or water damage. If any issues are found, they will promptly address them and coordinate with vendors for necessary repairs.

3. General Walkthrough

In addition to regular inspections, our Leasing Manager also conducts general walkthroughs of the property. This allows them to identify any potential maintenance issues or concerns, as well as ensure that the tenant is properly caring for the property.

4. Check HVAC Filter

To ensure the proper functioning of the HVAC system, our Leasing Manager will regularly check and replace the filter. This not only helps maintain a comfortable living environment for the tenant but also prevents any potential damage to the system.

5. General Photos

Coming Soon…

6. Report Sent to Owner

Our Leasing Manager will also provide owners with a detailed report at the end of each month summarizing all maintenance activities and any upcoming repairs or expenses. This allows owners to stay informed and make necessary decisions about the property.

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Step 9

Your expert property manager proactively contacts you to review a lease renewal offer

We handle the lease renewal process for you. Learn more about how we negotiate rent increases and lease extensions below

1. Market Survey

To ensure that the rental property remains competitive in the market, our Leasing Manager conducts regular market surveys and analysis. This includes researching rental rates, amenities, and demand for similar properties in the area. Our Leasing Manager will then use this information to make recommendations to owners on potential rent adjustments or property improvements.

2. Lease Extension Execution

As the end of a lease approaches, our Leasing Manager will work with both the tenant and owner to execute a potential lease extension. This includes discussing any changes in rental terms or conditions and updating all necessary documents. Our Leasing Manager will ensure that the process is smooth and efficient for both parties involved.

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Step 1

Coordinating Move outs and Security Deposit Refunds

When tenants are ready to move our, we coordinate the move out process, inspections, and disbursements of security deposits according to California law

1. Move Out Guidelines

In the event that a tenant decides to move out, our Leasing Manager provides detailed move-out guidelines for the tenant. This includes information on cleaning expectations and any necessary repairs or replacements. Our Leasing Manager will also conduct a thorough inspection of the property after the tenant moves out to ensure that it is in good condition for future tenants.

2. Pre Move Out Inspection

Our Leasing Manager will also conduct a pre-move out inspection with the tenant to identify any potential issues or concerns. This allows for ample time to address any necessary repairs or cleaning tasks before the final move-out date. Our Leasing Manager works closely with tenants to ensure a smooth and stress-free move-out process for all parties involved.

3. Utility Management

Our Leasing Manager also oversees utility management for the rental property. This includes setting up utility accounts and ensuring timely payments are made each month. They also monitor usage to identify any potential issues or inefficiencies that may need to be addressed.

4. Final Walkthrough

After the tenant moves out, our Leasing Manager will conduct a final walkthrough of the property to ensure that all move-out guidelines were followed and there are no damages or excessive wear and tear. If everything is in good condition, our Leasing Manager will promptly return the security deposit to the tenant.

5. Security Deposit Disposition

Our Leasing Manager is responsible for handling the disposition of security deposits at the end of a tenant’s lease. This includes calculating any deductions for damages or unpaid rent, and providing an itemized statement to both the tenant and owner.

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