Tenant Criteria

Sacramento Property Management Group's Tenant Criteria

At Sacramento Property Management Group, we strive to offer a selection process that is fair and efficient for all potential renters. Our rental criteria adhere to the Fair Housing Act, ensuring that every applicant has an equal opportunity to find their ideal home.

Our simple application process requires only a $42 fee per applicant, making it easy to apply for your dream home. Our experienced team of property management professionals is dedicated to ensuring the best possible experience for both renters and property owners, providing top-notch service throughout the rental process

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    Credit Score of 650 or More

    Our priority is to ensure that our tenants are financially responsible and have a reliable source of income. To guarantee timely rental payments, we require a credit score of 650 or above. However, we understand that financial situations may vary, so we offer alternatives for lower scores such as the option for a co-signer. Our goal is to provide equal opportunity for all individuals seeking a place to call home

    2.5x Income/Rent Ratio

    Stability is key when it comes to personal finances. As part of our tenant criteria, we require a minimum income-to-rent ratio of 2.5x or greater. This helps to ensure that our tenants have a reliable source of income that they can use to comfortably afford their rent payments, reduce the risk of default, and maintain a stress-free living environment

    No Prior Eviction History

    Safety and security are fundamental concerns at Sacramento Property Management Group. We have a strict policy of not renting to individuals who have a prior eviction history, which is in place to protect our properties. This way, we can provide peace of mind to our tenants, who deserve to live in a stable environment without the fear of an uncertain future

    Criminal Background Checks

    Our priority is to provide a safe and secure living environment for all our tenants. That’s why our application process includes a thorough criminal background check to screen for any potential red flags. By doing so, we can ensure that every tenant who moves in is trustworthy and non-threatening

    Employment Verification

    We value thoroughness and professionalism. As part of our stringent screening criteria, we verify that each of our prospective tenants is currently employed through detailed employment verifications. This way, we can determine whether they are qualified individuals who can fulfill their rent obligations and take care of the rental property

    Complete Applications

    We believe in providing our clients with a stress-free property management experience. We take care of all the day-to-day operations of managing your rental properties, giving you the peace of mind that your investment is in good hands. When tenants apply for a property, our team reviews each application thoroughly to ensure that all required documentation is present and complete

    Sacramento Property Management Group is the Definitive Choice for Property Owners in Search of Top-Notch Tenant Criteria

    Our stringent and comprehensive application process guarantees that renters meet specific qualifications, ensuring that property owners have trustworthy and reliable tenants. With our personalized service, you can rest assured that your investment is in good hands

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