What do property management companies do?

Property management companies play a crucial role in the real estate industry, offering a wide range of services designed to streamline the process of owning and managing rental properties. These companies handle everything from tenant screening to maintenance and even legal issues, providing landlords with peace of mind and freeing them up to focus on other aspects of their lives. This blog post delves into the various services offered by property management companies, how they operate, and what benefits they can bring to both new and experienced landlords.

SacramentoPMG is a highly-regarded Property Management firm in Sacramento California run by George Shvaya, Mark Shvaya and Avenir Gedarevich. If you have any questions about property management services in California, give us a call – we are happy to have a conversation with you! 


What Services Do Property Management Companies Typically Offer?

Property management companies offer a comprehensive suite of services aimed at simplifying the landlord experience. 

These services include:

  • Tenant Screening: Conducting thorough background checks on prospective tenants.
  • Lease Agreements: Drafting and managing lease agreements, including renewals.
  • Maintenance and Repairs: Coordinating repairs and regular maintenance of rental properties.
  • Legal Assistance: Handling legal matters related to rental properties.
  • Income Collection: Collecting rent from tenants and distributing it to owners.
  • Marketing: Assisting with marketing efforts to attract quality tenants.
  • Rental Price Setting: Advising on optimal rental prices based on market conditions.
  • Eviction Proceedings: Managing eviction processes when necessary.
  • Financial Reporting: Providing detailed financial reports for rental properties.

These services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each property owner, ensuring that their investment is managed efficiently and profitably. SacramentoPMG diligently ensures our property owner clientele experience an elevated level of service with our full-service management offerings. 


How Does a Property Management Company Handle Tenant Screenings?

Tenant screening is a critical aspect of property management. Companies conduct thorough background checks, including credit history, employment verification, and criminal records. They assess applicants’ ability to pay rent on time and maintain the property, ensuring that only qualified candidates are approved for tenancy. This process helps prevent problematic tenants and reduces the risk of property damage or legal disputes.

SacramentoPMG cares about your future and current tenants! We do everything we can to ensure we screen tenants that are respectful, earn 3x the monthly rent, have a great rental history, and meet the minimum credit score criteria. This has contributed to SacramentoPMG not having to evict any tenants as of yet, and we have also had no squatter or non-payment issues up to date! 


Can a Property Management Company Assist with Legal Issues Related to Rental Properties?

Yes, property management companies often have access to legal expertise and resources to assist with various legal issues related to rental properties. This includes drafting legally compliant lease agreements, handling evictions, and navigating local housing laws and regulations. Their knowledge and experience can save landlords significant time and money by preventing costly legal mistakes.

The same goes with us here at SacramentoPMG – our team of property managers are knowledgeable in all things legal when it comes to your property and rental laws. Don’t tackle this yourself when you can lean on our services to help you protect your asset. 



What Is the Process for Collecting and Distributing Rental Income Through a Property Management Company?

The process typically involves the property management company collecting rent directly from tenants, either through direct deposit or physical check payments. The collected funds are then dispersed to the property owner right away, minus any fees charged by the management company for their services. This process ensures that landlords receive their rental income promptly and accurately.

SacramentoPMG uses an online system – RentVine – where our owners and tenants have a login to the backend to manage their financials, maintenance requests, and more! 


Do Property Management Companies Provide Maintenance and Repair Services for Rental Properties?

Yes, many property management companies offer maintenance and repair services as part of their service package. They coordinate with contractors and vendors to address any issues that arise, from minor repairs like leaky faucets to major renovations. This service allows landlords to offload the responsibility of managing these tasks, ensuring that their properties remain in good condition without the need for direct involvement.

SacramentoPMG offers this service without exception. Our goal is to ensure your property is well-maintained and remains an asset for you. We do this by offering routine inspections as a possible add-on, as well as being made available as a resource to our tenants. By becoming friendly with our tenants, we stay in the know when it comes to any issues that may arise with your property. Our goal is to address it right away so that the issue is solved and does not get out of hand. 


How Does a Property Management Company Handle Eviction Proceedings?

In the event of a tenant failing to comply with the terms of their lease agreement, property management companies can initiate eviction proceedings. They handle the legal paperwork, communicate with the tenant, and represent the landlord’s interests throughout the process. This service provides landlords with a streamlined way to deal with difficult situations, minimizing stress and potential legal complications.


SacramentoPMG offers the eviction process when needed, but we are very diligent in the tenant screening process so we have not had to evict anyone as of yet. However, our team members take routine training and we have legal support available to lean on in the case that your property becomes the victim of a squatter or non-payee. 


Can Landlords Still Be Involved in Decision Making for Their Rental Properties When Using a Property Management Company?

Absolutely. While property management companies take care of the day-to-day operations of rental properties, landlords retain full control over key decisions regarding their investments. This includes setting rental prices, approving major repairs, and deciding on strategic changes to the property. Landlords who choose to work with a property management company often find that this arrangement allows them to enjoy the benefits of professional management while still having input into the direction of their rental business. 


Are There Any Potential Drawbacks to Hiring a Property Management Company?

While property management companies offer numerous benefits, there are potential drawbacks to consider. These may include ongoing management fees, which can eat into profits; a lack of personal connection with tenants; and the possibility of conflicts arising between the management company and the landlord over property decisions. It’s important for landlords to carefully evaluate the services offered and fees charged by different companies to ensure they’re getting value for their investment.

SacramentoPMG works hard to ensure we get you the most competitive rate for your rental property, and for this reason, we do not eat into your profits – we basically charge on top! This is why Sacramento, Placer County, El Dorado County, and Folsom owners choose SPMG for their property management needs! 


What Is the Typical Cost Structure for Working With a Property Management Company?

The cost structure for working with a property management company varies widely depending on the location, size of the property, and level of service required. Fees can range from a percentage of the collected rent (commonly around 5-10%) to flat monthly rates, plus additional charges for special services such as marketing or legal assistance. It’s essential for landlords to understand the fee structure upfront to avoid unexpected costs.


Our cost structure here at SPMG is 8%-10%, depending on the number of units and the overall scope of work. Our job is to ensure you get paid on time, and you have respectable tenants that are well screened. If we do our job right, you will experience monetary benefits for the rest of the life of your asset! 


How Can I Determine If a Specific Property Management Company Is Reputable and Trustworthy?

Determining the reputation and trustworthiness of a property management company involves researching its track record, reading reviews from past clients, and checking for any regulatory actions or complaints filed against the company. Looking for companies with a long history in the area, positive testimonials, and a commitment to customer service can also be indicative of a reputable firm.

SacramentoPMG has over 50 5-star reviews online from our awesome clients. We work hard to keep our reputation with tenants and owners alike. 


How Can Property Management Companies Assist with Marketing Rental Properties?

Property management companies can significantly enhance the visibility and attractiveness of rental properties through targeted marketing strategies. This includes listing properties on popular rental websites, utilizing social media platforms, and conducting open houses or virtual tours. Their expertise in understanding the local market and tenant preferences enables them to create effective marketing campaigns that attract high-quality tenants.

SacramentoPMG has access to all the outlets available today to market your property. We have MLS access, Zillow marketing capabilities, and many more outlets just like that to ensure your property is seen by the most amount of people. 


What Is the Role of a Property Management Company in Setting Rental Prices?

Setting rental prices is a critical function of property management companies. They analyze current market trends, comparable properties in the area, and the property’s features and condition to determine the most competitive price. This ensures that the rental income generated is maximized while attracting suitable tenants.

Here at SacramentoPMG, we have a very lengthy and comprehensive rental analysis that we run. This analysis allows us to find you the most competitive rates for your house and the best tenants on the market. 


Can a Property Management Company Help with Lease Agreements and Renewals?

Yes, property management companies play a vital role in drafting, negotiating, and managing lease agreements. They ensure that all documents are legally sound and compliant with local laws. Additionally, they oversee the renewal process, communicating with tenants about their options and facilitating the signing of new leases. This service streamlines the leasing process, making it easier for landlords to manage their properties.

Our documents are always reviewed by legal counsel, and are air tight! You can rely on SacramentoPMG to ensure your legal agreements are legally sound and compliant with local laws. 


How Do Property Management Companies Handle Tenant Complaints or Issues?

Property management companies serve as intermediaries between landlords and tenants, handling complaints or issues that arise during the tenancy. They investigate concerns, mediate discussions, and work towards resolving disputes amicably. This role helps maintain a positive relationship between landlords and tenants, contributing to longer tenancies and higher tenant satisfaction.

SacramentoPMG takes complaints from our tenants seriously. Our goal is to ensure tenants are met with a superior level of service and attention – so that they continue to respect the house they are renting from our owner clients. 


Do Property Management Companies Offer Financial Reporting for Rental Properties?

Many property management companies provide detailed financial reporting services for rental properties. These reports typically include income statements, cash flow analyses, and tax summaries, giving landlords a clear picture of their property’s financial performance. This service is invaluable for tracking expenses, planning for future improvements, and making informed investment decisions.

Property management companies offer a wide array of services designed to simplify the complexities of owning and managing rental properties. By outsourcing these responsibilities, landlords can enjoy greater peace of mind, increased profitability, and more free time to pursue other interests. However, it’s crucial for landlords to thoroughly research and select a reputable company to ensure they receive the highest quality of service and achieve their investment goals.

By choosing SacramentoPMG, you are choosing that property management company that is diligent, detailed, and helps you make informed decisions. Our clientele speak wonders about our services, and we are excited to talk to you about your property management needs!